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Don't Stop Fevers; Supplement Them

Fevers are something that we have been taught to fear. We are told they are dangerous and that temperatures must be lowered or it can cause serious, permanent damage. However, fevers are a normal function of the human body, so are they really all that bad? The answer is NO! Fevers are a sign that your immune system is activating in response to some kind of infection and they are actually essential for the normal functioning of your immune system.

The reason your body heats up is that the muscles need to be warm in order to free calcium reserves stored in the bones to activate the white blood cells that fight infection. Generally, fevers will not exceed 105 or 106 degrees. Brain cells don’t begin to die until 108 degrees and your body will never reach those temperatures without extremely high outside temperatures (such as if a child was locked inside a hot car for a long period of time).

Another frequent concern is that children can have seizures when they have a fever. However, these are only muscles seizures and will not cause any lasting damage to the brain or spine. This cramping and twitching of the muscles is due to low levels of calcium in the blood. Because phagocytes (the white blood cells that engulf foreign/dead particles) use up a lot of calcium when doing their job, they can take too much from the tissues. That is why it is important to supplement the body with calcium so that it has another source other than the bones and muscles.

The following supplements are beneficial to take if you or your child has a fever, so it is important to keep these on hand in case something like this should arise:

  • Calcium Lactate: A great source of ionized calcium that can be easily utilized by the body’s immune system. For children, tablets can be dissolved or crushed and mixed into water or juice.

  • Cataplex D: This supplement helps in transporting calcium from the gut to the bloodstream.

  • Cataplex F: Taking these essential fatty acids ensures that your body can utilize the calcium to its fullest potential and transports the calcium from the bloodstream into the tissues.

  • Congaplex: A combination product that strengthens the immune system and aids in the creation of new white blood cells.

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