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Who We Are

Lance D. Lipton; DC, F.I.A.C.A., ACT NRT

In practice since 1983.  Winner - “Best in Chester County” Reader Choice Award, Daily Local News.


Dr. Lipton was born and raised in Delaware County PA.  He attended Marple Newtown High School in Newtown Square, PA.,  where he graduated in 1974.  He attended Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture in Doylestown, PA where he was a Pre- Veterinarian major.  He graduated in 1978 with Honors with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Husbandry.   Being raised in a medical family, with a father that had chronic debilitating headaches, which were not being helped medically, he became interested in alternative methods of healing.  Upon investigation he found that Chiropractic was his calling and went on to use his knowledge to make a true difference in his father's, therefore his family’s life through Chiropractic.  He attended NY Chiropractic College and graduated with honors in 1983.  Upon graduation, he moved back to PA and opened a solo practice in 1984.  He uses Diversified chiropractic technique with practice emphasis on families including small children and infants.  Continuing education lead him to study Acupuncture and nutrition.  He became a fellow in the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture in 1986.  He also used of a technique called contact reflex analysis (CRA), a nutrition diagnostic technique.  Over 30 years of practice he saw that patients were not responding as they once did to traditional medical and chiropractic care. There was a missing piece of the puzzle. The trend of “Fast foods” and over-processed foods lacked the nutritional building blocks to keep the body healthy.  Drastic changes were needed to help patients heal.  Dr. Lipton discovered a technique called Nutrition Response Testing that emphasized healing the body through the proper intake of food, whole food supplementation, and the elimination of toxins and that were building up in the body.  He was trained at the Advanced level in Nutrition Response Testing in 2007.  "Over 30 years of practice I have never seen a combination of techniques work so well together to return the body to true health and prevent disease.  The best and least expensive form of health care is prevention."

Nutrition Response Testing in combination with Chiropractic are natural approaches that are extremely effective for dealing with current health problems as well as prevent future health issues.

Mary Anne Lipton; RN, BSN, MSN, ACT, NRT, CECP

Mary Anne has been a nurse for 38 years, holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in nursing and has worked in many areas of healthcare.  She started her career in medical-surgical nursing, then went on to a long career in Pediatric nursing where she worked as a Pediatric Intensive care nurse, a Neonatal intensive care nurse, a Head Nurse of a Pediatric Ambulatory Care Unit, a Pediatric Nursing professor, and the Coordinator of continuing education at A. I. DuPont Children's hospital. She has also lectured on children's issues for the tri-state area. Once discovering, researching, and being trained in Nutrition Response Testing and experiencing the benefits first hand, she was on a mission to let as many people know about how effective the natural approach is compared to what she had learned and experienced in traditional medicine. Needless to say, she never went back and started on a different journey which supports the body naturally in its return to health. "I have never seen a healing technique work as well as NRT in finding the cause of health problems and what your body needs to correct them.  I always say we are the health detectives."

Brielle Dallas; BA, MA, BCDNM

Dr. Dallas grew up in West Chester. She was fortunate to be exposed to Nutrition Response Testing when she was a teenager and her father (Dr. Lipton) started practicing this technique. When she was 23, she started having exercised-induced heart problems. After going to a cardiologist and an electrocardiologist, she was diagnosed with Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome. The doctors told her that she could either undergo a surgical procedure called ablation (where they place a catheter in your leg artery, thread it up to your heart, and burn the heart) or she could take beta blockers for the rest of her life. She decided to try the natural route. After seeing Dr. Lipton for a short period of time, all of her symptoms disappeared and never returned. This experience proved how amazing Nutrition Response Testing was and Dr. Dallas decided that this was her new path. She went back to school and received her degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Now, she is Board Certified as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Dr. Dallas has been practicing Nutrition Response Testing since 2016.

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