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Lyme Disease

Chester County is classified as HIGH RISK for incidence of Lyme's Disease!

Lyme disease is a silent but pervasive problem.  The growing number of un-diagnosed Lyme cases increases each and every year.  Chronic Lyme has become a serious problem in the US with Chester County being the number one region in the country for the number of presenting cases.  Because of the growing number of Lyme disease cases that have presented themselves to our office, we have been driven to carefully study the subject and look for answers.  We have discovered protocols that aid the body in overcoming this serious and potentially devastating disease.  Our treatment goal is to help your body’s immune system identify and overcome the offending organism.


Antibiotics seem to be ineffective in cases of chronic Lyme because they fail to stimulate the immune system to do its job.  If your Lyme went un-diagnosed or the antibiotic treatment you received was ineffective we may have the alternative answer for you.  You owe it to yourself to get evaluated before your health suffers any further.  Many chronic Lyme cases are diagnosed as MS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic debilitating diseases. 



Symptoms of Chronic Lyme’s Disease are:


Swollen Joints

Muscle Pain & Loss of Muscle Tone


Irregular Heart Beats

Facial Paralysis

Double Vision

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