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Chiropractic and nutritional care are the perfect combination to restore and maintain one’s health! Through two holistic sciences, you can come to Lipton Natural Health Improvement Center and truly heal and restore your health.


Your brain controls every organ and system of your body and communicates with those organs through the nerves that run from your brain through the spinal column to the organs. 


Stress, which could be Physical(an accident, fall, sleeping in a bad position, slouching, etc.), Chemical (medications, sugar, junk food, soda, pollution), or Emotional (mental stress or trauma), can cause the spinal bones to move out of their normal position, putting pressure on the nerves and interfering with the messages being sent to the organ, causing malfunction and/or pain. 


If these spinal bones remain out of their normal position (called a “Subluxation”), as a defense mechanism, the body starts to lay down calcium in the area to stabilize it.  This builds up on the bones and is sometimes referred to as “arthritis”, leading to a permanent “pinching off” of the nerves, ultimately causing nerve damage and pain.


Our main goal is to identify and remove these misalignments (subluxations) using specific, gentle techniques, restoring nerve function and proper communication between the brain and body systems thus allowing natural healing to occur and pain subside.


We treat all ages from infants, immediately after birth, to senior citizens, with the majority of clientele being active families.


Dr. Lipton uses a Diversified Chiropractic technique customized to your individual body. 


Dr. Lipton is a “Winner” of the Daily Local News Readers Choice Awards, voted “Best Chiropractor in Chester County”.

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