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Taking the Itch Out of Bug Bites

Summer is great, but the painful, swollen, itchy bug bites that come with it are not. Being a bug magnet myself, I’ve had to learn how to deal with them quickly and efficiently so they don’t drive me insane. Here are the things that have worked best for me in not only taking the itch out of the bites, but also making them disappear much faster than they would otherwise:

  • HVS Chemicals/Metals—HVS Metals and Chemicals are homeopathic remedies that can be applied topically to the bites (these products are available at our office). When a bug bites us, it secretes toxins into our skin, and many times, those toxins are related to environmental toxins, which they absorb into their bodies. That means these bugs are injecting us with all kinds of chemicals and metals. It is hard to tell whether the HVS Metals or Chemicals will work better without the specific bite being tested, so I find it is best to apply both of them to every bite, just to be on the safe side. You don’t use much for each bite, so each bottle will last you a long time! The use of HVS Metals/Chemicals works to stop the itching, reduce redness, and quicken the healing process by pulling the toxins out of your skin.

  • WO Oil—WO Oil is a Chinese Healing Oil (also available at our office) that has amazing effects on the skin. Not only does it stop the itch almost immediately, it also promotes increased circulation and supports active epidermal processes, so it helps the bug bites heal and go away faster! This oil does, however, have quite a potent smell, so it may be best used at home.

These are the products that I have personally used and found helpful. I hope this information leads to a healthy and happy summer for you all!

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