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EMFs: How to Minimize the Damage they Cause

EMFs: Electromagnetic Frequencies. They radiate from Wi-Fi, cellphones, computers, Bluetooth Wireless devices, Smart Meters, microwaves, and all other kinds of electronics. This radiation can be harmful to your eyes, your head, your skin, and basically your entire body. In today’s modern world, there is not much we can do to get away from it, but there are things we can do to limit our exposure and how it affects us. Here are some tips to help you deal with them:

1. Don’t hold your cell phone next to your ear at the beginning of a call. Radiation is the highest when one phone is connecting to the other. Try not to hold your phone next to your head at all if you can; try using speaker phone (when not in public) or try using wired headphones (NOT Bluetooth headphones).

2. Don’t wear Bluetooth headphones; they’re shooting EMFs straight into your brain, as they are constantly communicating with your connected device. Try to limit usage of any type of headphones, but use ones with wires when you do use them, as the radiation is much less.

3. Turn off your Wi-Fi at night. While Wi-Fi is more of an ambient source of EMFs than a direct one, like cellphones and Bluetooth, it can still dramatically affect your EMF levels. Many people have trouble sleeping at night because the Wi-Fi can stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands, which can cause sleep problems. Turning off the Wi-Fi at night is a great way to eliminate unnecessary exposure to EMFs without sacrificing any convenience. The easiest way to do this is to plug the router into a power strip and just flip the switch at night to turn it off and turn it back on in the morning.

4. Don’t sleep with your phone next to you or, if you do, put it on Airplane Mode. Cellphones are constantly sending and receiving data, even when not in use. That means EMFs are travelling all around your head while you’re sleeping if you keep it next to you at night. Try to keep your phone at least 3 to 5 feet away from you while sleeping, or if you use it as your alarm, turn it on Airplane Mode to keep the phone from sending and receiving data throughout the night.

5. Don’t use laptops, iPads, etc. on your lap. This sends the radiation straight into your body at a very sensitive and vulnerable place. Sit at a desk or use a lap desk or pillow between your lap and your device while using it.

6. Get a Smart Meter Guard for your Smart Meter. Nearly every house has a Smart Meter on it, which is constantly sending and receiving data to the electric company. The radiation coming from these meters can be very high, especially in the rooms closest to the Smart Meter. Buy a cage to put around it, which will protect both the exterior and interior of your house from these harmful EMFs.

In addition to these steps, we also offer some supplements that can help your body tolerate these EMFs better:

  1. RNA (Ribonucleic Acid): Especially helpful with brain tiredness, RNA helps support your brain from harmful EMF damage.

  2. Cruciferous Complete: Full of healthy cruciferous vegetables that maintain cell integrity and detoxify toxins (like EMFs).

  3. Linum B6: An oil derived from flax seeds, this protects brain cells from EMF damage and supports cognitive function. It also contributes to epithelial cell repair and maintenance.

  4. Cataplex C: Healthy antioxidants protect your eyes, skin, and brain from degeneration and harm due to EMFs.

  5. Spanish Black Radish: This potent vegetable helps with detoxifying the toxic EMFs from your body and is especially helpful in getting toxins out of all your organs (like your brain!).

The best way to know which one(s) to use is to ask Dr. Lipton to test you during your next appointment!

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