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Supplements for Healthy Skin

It is so easy to become frustrated when your skin is not healthy. Whether you are dry and cracking, wrinkled, or full of blemishes, it is sometimes hard to feel confident in your own skin. Luckily, we have supplements that can address those problems from the inside that will reflect beautifully on the outside. Many of these supplements also support the tissue healing process and general health of epithelial cells, which are found all throughout your body! Not only will these supplements make you look your best, they will also make you feel your best!

  • Regeneplex: This amazing supplement targets all three layer of the skin, circulatory, and digestive systems to synergistically support the body’s tissue-healing processes associated with the normal effects of aging. It provides support for cellular rejuvenation, supports skin elasticity and appearance, and addresses fine lines around the eyes.

  • For-Til B12: With the main ingredient being tillandsia root, this supplement promotes vitality in all zones of the body, especially the skin. It cleans the blood and creates a strong foundation for healthy, glowing skin!

  • Dermatrophin PMG: This supplement supports healthy skin and connective tissue by providing a unique profile of essential minerals, nucleotides, and peptides that the skin needs to stay healthy. It also takes away any inflammation that might be present in any layer of the skin.

  • Cataplex A: Epithelial tissue is dependent upon vitamin A for healing and resistance to acne. It is even good for the eyes and can help those suffering from night blindness and other eye disorders.

  • Cataplex E: This supplement’s unique combination of ingredients aid in the growing process of the skin. Vitamin E is essential for skin health, and in those with hormonal imbalances, it can be stolen away from the skin and used to try to combat these imbalances instead of being delivered to its necessary location (the skin). Taking extra vitamin E will ensure that every part of your body will get as much as it needs!

  • Cataplex F: Full of essential fatty acids, Cataplex F is great for those that suffer from dry skin, hair, nails, and even eyes. It also helps your body metabolize fat properly so that your body can supply the fat where it is needed (i.e. hair, skin, or nails).

  • Zinc Liver Chelate: The top layer of your skin contains six times the amount of zinc found in the deeper levels of your skin. It lessens the formation of damaging free radicals, protects the skin’s lipids and fibroblasts (responsible for collagen formation), and it helps protect against any inflammation in the skin. In addition, it can help reduce the amount of natural oil that your skin produces, which can help stop the formation of acne.

Be sure to ask Dr. Lipton which supplement would be best for you at your next office visit!

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