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How Synthetic Vitamins Ruin Your Health

Here at Lipton Natural Health, we use whole food supplements. That means the pills are made up of concentrated foods, used just as they are found in nature. They are not nutrients made in a lab by chemists; they are grown in a field by farmers.

You may have heard or seen doctors say that supplements are not good for you and actually deplete you of nutrients rather than supplement you with extra. When they say this, they are referring to SYNTHETIC SUPPLEMENTS, not the WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS that we use. This is because synthetic supplements are isolated molecules of very specific vitamins, NOT the whole complex of vitamins that naturally exist to operate synergistically. The vitamins also need the co-factors that are found in the whole food to be properly absorbed into the body, as demonstrated in the picture above. Most synthetic vitamins do not contain these co-factors, so instead they draw those co-factors from your body to make it whole, making you feel worse and actually depleting you of vitamins and minerals.

If you use whole food supplements, such as we use at Lipton Natural Health, those co-factors are built into the supplements since they contain the complete complex of the food instead of solitary, specific molecules. The nutrients exist as they are found in nature, not in a lab. Our pills contain all of the foods you should eat, but don’t want to.

When you go to the health food store, you may see a variety of supplements claiming to be “all natural,” “food-based,” or “organic.” This may sound like something great, but in reality, those terms are unreliable and vague. There are many substances that are “natural,” but should not be consumed by humans, like wood or shells. On top of that, a supplement only needs to contain 10% natural ingredients to have the word printed on the label. “Food-based” means that it could have started out with a food , like a vegetable or fruit, but the rest of the supplement was created in a lab. If that orginial base food was organic, then it earns that title, as well, so you cannot really trust these labels.

In the end, the body does not know the difference between a synthetic supplement and a pharmaceutical agent. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to use only whole food supplements, like Standard Process!

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